Mobile POS at Old Navy

We were at Old Navy this weekend checking out their swimsuits (60% off ... amazing deals). They were crazy busy! To help move the check out line along, they brought out a couple of mobile POS devices. It was an iOS based platform that accommodated a credit card scan and signature capture.

(Like my new swim shorts?)

They also had this fancy printer that had a belt clip (not that they were using it on their belt):

Overall, the experience was good. The process was a little slow as the store associates were not as familiar with the mobile POS as they were the desktop POS. The biggest missing element was the ability to email receipts. As you can see from the image above, they still printed a receipt and didn't give me the option to have it email to me. In their defense, Old Navy may have a high return rate and knew that electronic receipts would pose more issues that do good.

I'd love to hear feedback from your experiences with mobile POS system.
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